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4 tips to avoid truck accidents over the holiday

If you are like many Texans, you have plans to celebrate the Fourth of July with friends and family. Whether you are going to a family cabin or heading out to watch fireworks with friends, chances are your plans will involve some travel. In fact, according to statistics, a whopping 38 million people are expected to drive over the weekend and into next week.

Considering all the miles you might be traveling, it would be wise to prepare for a safe trip. This includes taking some steps to stay safe around the massive, commercial-sized trucks that will also be out on the roads.

  1. Stay alert. Even small mistakes by a trucker can lead to a loss of control, so beware of trucks that are swerving or swaying. Keep an eye on trucks in your rear view mirror, particularly when you are coming to a stop or an intersection. If they don't appear to be slowing down, try to pull over and get out of its way.
  2. Give trucks space. Trucks take longer to slow down and speed up. They also have enormous blind spots. Don't follow them too closely or drive in a spot where you are not visible. If you are passing a truck or pulling out in front of one, don't cut it too closely.
  3. Avoid driving during peak hours and late at night. Rush hour -- even during the weekend -- can mean a lot congestion and frustration. Nighttime comes with a higher risk that drivers are impaired by drugs or alcohol. With this in mind, try to stay off the roads during these times.
  4. Drive defensively. Don't make any assumptions about what a trucker is going to do or where the truck is going. Be cautious and deliberate in order to steer clear of dangerous drivers and prevent collisions.

Trucks share the road with us every day. However, during holiday weekends, people spend more time on the road and thus, more time around massive trucks. This can increase the chances of a serious truck accident, so it is crucial to use caution.

We hope that everyone is able to avoid catastrophic accidents with trucks this Fourth of July. However, if one does occur, victims and their families would be wise to talk to an attorney about how they can recover damages.

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