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If you were seriously injured in an accident, we understand that you have questions about your legal and financial rights. At the Law Offices of Willie D. Powells III and Associates, PLLC, we are happy to answer your questions in a free initial consultation. You can reach us at 281-407-7445 or online to set up a conversation to discuss your options, next steps and how we can help. We are located in Houston, Texas, and represent clients throughout the greater metro area.

We have also provided answers to common questions and concerns below.

The insurer has offered me money. Should I accept?

No, not without speaking to a lawyer. It is hard to turn down money, we realize. However, insurers are not likely to offer full compensation immediately to unrepresented injury victims. They are most likely looking to settle for as little as possible. It is how they make the most money.

I can't work. How will I pay medical and other bills?

Medical expenses and other bills do not stop just because you are severely injured. We can walk you through your options for staying financially afloat while we negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation. There are several options available, and we can help determine what option is right for you.

Please note: Do not skip out on medical treatments because you are worried about the bill. The insurance company's lawyers may try to use this as evidence stating that you are not as injured as you really are. Go to medical treatments, take an ambulance after the accident if needed, and do everything you can for your health. We can help you with financial aspects of your case.

Can I afford a premier personal injury attorney?

Yes. We do not charge anything to take on your case. There is no cost to meet with us for a free case assessment. We work on a contingency basis, meaning there is never any upfront cost to you and we only accept a legal fee once we have obtained full and fair compensation for you.

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