Willie Powells were able to settle my case for more than $600,000.00. He was able to deliver me everything I expected and some. Thanks to his services, I was able to purchase a new car. Additionally, whenever I called he answered and remained positive throughout the entire process. At my birthday and other special occasions arisen, he reached out to me while he was representing me. This is the best attorney in the area. If I ever need an attorney, in the future Willie Powells will be my first choice, as I know he will take care of my needs!

Furthermore, my sister had a soft tissue injury and he was able to settle her case for more than $25,000.00 dollars. We recommend him to everyone we know because he actually cares about his clients and is not after the money. You can tell that this is not just a job for him; instead, he does this line of work because he wants to help others get the justice that they deserve. He is passionate about his work and very motivated. You will be informed throughout the entire process. Willie Powells always goes the extra mile, without you having to pester him, he gets things done. My sister's case was very tricky and many attorneys would have given up. However, Willie Powells stood by her side the entire time to insure that she received the medical care that she desired. He got every penny he could from the stingy insurance company. He is more than a lawyer he will be your friend too.