5 Things To Do After An Accident In Texas

An accident is not only a scary event, it can be life-changing, for you and your family. It's important to know what to do to protect yourself. As a Houston accident attorney who has helped hundreds, perhaps thousands of accident victims, here are the top five things you need to do:

  1. Seek medical help immediately. This is nonnegotiable. Do not be afraid of the cost if it wasn't your fault or if fault has not been established (such as an accident in an intersection). Especially if someone was driving drunk or recklessly and you were hit. Get the medical help you need and deserve first and foremost.
  2. If the ambulance is there, take it — Don't refuse medical care — the EMTs are there to help you and make sure you are seen by a professional. Some injuries are not immediately obvious — such as head trauma or internal bleeding. Also, shock and adrenaline can affect the way you feel.
  3. Collect information: Take pictures, call a tow truck for your car, call a fire truck if there is a chance of fire or explosion. Take photos and videos with your phone if possible. See below for more details on this.
  4. Call the police. Insist that they show up. Be adamant that they come and make a report. This is vital for your case. Make sure that they get witness statements and that the police give a citation to the person who caused the accident. Typically this citation or ticket is for reckless driving, speeding or distracted driving. Many times the police in Texas will brush off car accidents as non-serious and no big deal. This is not the case as many injuries do not show up or cause pain until days or even weeks after the initial crash.
  5. If the at-fault driver explains or admits to causing the accident, record this. Record their apology if possible.

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Of Words And Dollars

It cannot be stressed enough that pictures are not only worth 1,000 words but can also be worth thousands of dollars.

Take a picture of:

  • The accident — Both vehicles and any damage to your vehicle
  • The injury — Any bruises, cuts, scrapes
  • Photos of the scene: Include witnesses

Get Witness Contact Information

The best time to gather this information is right after the accident. People tend to forget details as time progresses. They may also be less willing to give a statement at a later date. if you can, write down or video record witness statements and their contact information such as their name, home email, cellphone number and if possible their address.

Get this same information from the at-fault driver. Be sure to get the driver's insurance company information — at the scene — while they are still apologizing for what they did.

It's sad but true that after someone causes an accident once they leave the scene amnesia kicks in and their story completely changes. This is why it is very important to get as much info as you can right away. Texas car accidents have a two-year statute of limitations, so you want contact information that will still be accurate if the insurance company delays and your case takes longer than expected.

Be Your Own First Advocate

The first priority after any accident is your health. The second is to protect your future. Insurance companies have savvy and skilled attorneys on their side, you should too. To get personal and experienced legal representation after an accident, call attorney Willie D. Powells III at 281-407-7445 or email our firm to schedule a free consultation. We provide services in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese. We are here to look out for you.