What The Insurance Company Won’t Tell You

Insurance companies make profits to please shareholders — they are not in business to pay money out. They are not going to tell you what you can really get after an accident.

The Truth About Settlements

You can get much more compensation from the insurance company than just your medical bills. But that's what the insurance company won't tell you. You are entitled to collect for other matters under Texas law. For example, you may be entitled to:

  • All of your medical bills since the accident
  • All of you lost wages
  • All of your pain and suffering and mental anguish
  • The loss of consortium if a loved one is no longer able to do the things he or she once did with a spouse or children
  • More compensation depending on the circumstances of the accident

How The Insurance Company Actually Works

The insurance company may offer you $500 or $1,000 right after the accident. They will say they want you to "sign this, and then we'll be done." The problem is you may not realize the extent of your injuries right after the accident.

  1. For example, in a case of whiplash debilitating headaches may not appear until a few days after the accident.
  2. Many types of head injuries and internal injuries are also not immediately apparent.
  3. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may take a week or more to surface.

In these instances, there is no way you can know what your medical bills will be. You don't know how much work you may lose, or whether your injuries will prevent you from working. The insurance company is not going to tell you that. They will also not tell you that you have a right to an attorney and that it is in your best interest to hire one. This is because they are interested in one thing: the bottom line. They want to know how little they can pay you.

3 Steps To Protect Yourself

There are three steps that are important to know. Knowing these three steps can protect you and your right to maximum compensation. These are:

  1. After an accident you do have a right to an attorney.
  2. You also have the right to go to a doctor — not the doctor the insurance company says, but your own doctor.
  3. To protect yourself do not sign or agree to anything the insurance company sends you without your own lawyer present. In fact, to best protect yourself do not even speak to the insurance company without a lawyer present. The insurance company will use whatever you say against you. Once you accept a payment you cannot go back to the insurance company for more, even if the money is medically necessary.

The Insurance Company Has Savvy Lawyers

The insurance companies have their own attorneys representing them, you need your own attorney representing you. You're going up against a sophisticated organization. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to pay less — you cannot out savvy them. You need a lawyer to advise you. If you try and work a deal by yourself without any legal experience you will be taken advantage of.

In fact, the insurance company lawyers want you to be on your own. They want you to represent yourself because then they control the shots and are guaranteed to win.

To protect yourself: Call an attorney right away. If you don't call right away call before you sign anything. Do not answer questions from the insurance company or its representatives. Not even the question, "How are you doing?" It's a trap.

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