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I have known Attorney Willie D. Powells III for several years and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of an outstanding lawyer! He is very knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and will go the extra mile to fight for what you deserve and what is right. He makes sure he communicates with you and that you understand the process. His knowledge and expertise coupled with his incredible work ethic and responsiveness is truly unmatched. He is a great lawyer and really cares about his clients!

My voice was heard! Willie represented me in a car accident case. He was very sweet, patient, and timely in all his dealings with me. He helped me get medical attention, and was there to answer any and all questions I had. In addition, he stood up for me against the car insurance companies. He didn’t let them bully me around. I was so impressed with Willie that I have had him represent me several times. You’re in the best care possible with Willie!!

Mr. Willie Powells and his team are absolutely amazing. They’re very professional and on top of everything. Their service and competence is impeccable and definitely Houston’s best! I highly recommend Mr. Powells law firm to represent you, you won’t be let down.

Mr. Willie Powells is an amazing business partner and friend. He has been an amazing instrument to me and my family during our disaster of Hurricane Harvey. I recommend him and this law firm to anyone and everyone.

Willie Powells represented me a couple years ago when I was rear-ended. His professionalism, compassion and persistence to ensure that I was made whole were exemplary. I trust Willie to always have our family’s welfare in mind while making legal decisions on our behalf, which is precisely why he is now representing us in another accident case involving myself and my 12 month old son. We thank God for Willie!

Mr. Willie Powells was always available to answer any question or concerns that arose at any time of day or night during the time he was handling my case, as well as after. The Firm has a wonderful staff as well as lawyer(s). I was very proud of his hard work and will recommend the law firm to anyone looking for a great law firm.

Excellent service from start to finish! Willie Powells was very responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. He constantly kept me updated with my case and was able to give me the results I needed. He really cares about his clients! Highly recommended.

This Law office, and especially Mr. Powells, is stellar from start to finish. They are professional in every sense of the word and will take care of your every need. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to be taken care of!

Attorney Willie D. Powells and staff provided me with excellent service during my divorce process. He was with me from beginning to end, providing not only legal services and advise, but was also there as a friend. There are many attorneys in Houston, even those with many years of experience and/or known for unethical winnings, cannot compare to Mr. Powells and his firms’ legal services. Highly recommended for all legal woes.

Attorney Willie D Powells represented me on my case. He was very smart and compassionate and knows his stuff. He was always available on his phone and email and responded promptly. He genuinely cares for his clients. Not only did I find an amazing attorney but a best friend as well.

Willie has a huge heart and goes above and beyond in service of his clients. There are few attorneys who fight hard for their clients, and even fewer still who pour every ounce of effort into giving their clients the best possible representation. Willie is one of those attorneys in that very small class who will fight as hard as he possibly can to ensure his clients get their full measure of justice.

Attorney Willies Powells is a kind hearted professional, who cares deeply about the lives he helps change for the better as he puts his all on the line everyday to make sure all of his clients have the best representation!!!

I have sent several of my friends to Attorney Powells because I trust him implicitly! He has what it takes to get the job done and doesn’t stop until he has gotten everything he can for his client. He is on my speed dial, in case of emergencies.

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