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News: Former police officer charged following deadly crash

News: Former police officer charged following deadly crash

HOUSTON, TX – Matthew Valdez, a former Houston police officer, has been charged for causing a deadly crash on his way to a call last November, reports ABC 13.

The fatal collision happened at the intersection of Darien St and Ley Rd in northeast Houston in late November 2020.

Surveillance footage of the scene shows a police car driving through the intersection, followed by Valdez’s police car moments later. Valdez was driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone without using emergency lights or sirens when he slammed into a vehicle driven by 71-year-old Walter Cooper. Cooper died as a result of the crash.

Valdez’s defense lawyer says Cooper was at fault for the collision since his blood alcohol level was at three times the legal limit.

The prosecution disagrees and says that since Cooper was at the stop sign for a full two seconds, he did not act differently than how a sober person would have.

Valdez was suspended from HPD and then quit to take a job with the Harris County Constable, a position he resigned from on Tuesday.

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