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News: Man pleads guilty to charges in deadly 2019 crash

News: Man pleads guilty to charges in deadly 2019 crash

HOUSTON, TX – A man pleaded guilty to multiple charges stemming from a deadly 2019 crash last Friday, reports ABC 13.

The collision in question occurred around 1 a.m. on March 1, 2019 in the Clear Lake area of Houston.

Erik Julian De Leon was driving north on Galveston Rd near Pineloch Dr when his Dodge pickup struck a smaller Mazda truck, traveled through an intersection, and then collided with a Lyft car.

The crash killed Billy Satterfield, a passenger in the lift, and put its driver, Ezatullah Safi, in a coma.

Satterfield was less than 5 miles away from his home and was texting with his wife at the time of the collision.

Prior to the crash, Leon was seen drinking shots at a bar.

Leon pleaded guilty to multiple charges of intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle on July 2. He has been sentenced to 10 years for second-degree intoxicated manslaughter and two years for third-degree intoxicated manslaughter, although the sentences will run concurrently.

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