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Track crashes preventable

Injuries and fatalities from truck accidents are tragic, but it is even more alarming that 77,000 of these accidents could be prevented each year with existing technology. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety made this finding in its recent research.

When does a motor vehicle accident constitute wrongful death?

Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle or ride as a passenger, you are taking a risk. After all, crashes happen every single day across Texas. Most of these crashes result in minor injuries. Some result in serious, even permanent injuries. A few are fatal. These crashes can happen without warning, many times caused by a driver who is intoxicated, impaired, distracted or simply negligent.

What is 'cause in fact' in Houston negligence?

Houston drivers are likely aware that when motor vehicle accidents strike, lives can change in an instant. The aftermath of such crashes can result in terrible injuries, creating a situation in which a victim may need extensive, and expensive, medical treatment. Because of their injuries, the victim may be forced to miss time off work, with the resultant potential for loss of income. When an accident is caused by someone's carelessness on the roadways, it is possible that those injured have a legal cause of action that can be used in a claim to seek compensation for the injuries suffered.

Many truckers are required to follow rest rules

Most Houston residents know intuitively that fatigued driving is not a good idea and can prove to be quite dangerous. In particular, the driver of a large truck hauling property through Houston while en route to another part of the country can wreak havoc on smaller vehicles should the driver fall asleep behind the wheel or just mentally doze off.

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