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Handheld device rules help prevent Houston truck accidents

By this point in the 21st century, Houston residents are surely aware of how the use of handheld devices while an individual is driving can be deadly. This goes double for those who drive for a living, especially when they are in control of vehicles weighing several tons and taking up large swathes of the roadway. As with most things having to do with commercial trucking, the use of such devices is regulated by rules promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What is 'vicarious liability' in Texas vehicle accidents?

Imagine that a Houston resident is traveling home from work, perhaps using the interstate to get from downtown to the suburbs where they live. As they approach their exit, thinking about what's for dinner, they notice an 18-wheeler begin to drift into their lane. Hemmed in by other cars, there is no place they can go, and the big rig hits their car, causing an accident. Hopefully, they are not seriously injured, but that is always a possibility when a large truck collides with a smaller vehicle. There is a very real chance that the victim may end up in court to try to recoup some compensation for the medical bills, missed work, and pain they have suffered.

What is 'proximate cause' in a Houston motor vehicle accident?

Regular readers of this bog may recall that we have previously dealt with the general subject of 'negligence' in several posts. We have done this because negligence is one of the most often used legal theories during personal injury cases resulting from motor vehicle accidents. We have explained that there are several elements of negligence that must be shown for a plaintiff to succeed in a lawsuit against a defendant. Among these are duty, breach, causation and damages.

Houston motorcycle accident leaves one dead

Most Houston residents are aware that motorcycles can be more dangerous than other types of vehicles. Their small size can make them harder to see on the road, their narrower base makes them unsteady, and they lack the protection drivers of other vehicles enjoy. Still, many Texans enjoy riding, and the state certainly has its share of people willing to take those risks for the thrill of the ride. In most cases, motorcyclists believe that a terrible accident won't happen to them

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