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November 2017 Archives

Texas motorcycle accident fatalities in 2016

Motorcycles are very popular in Texas. This may be because of the state's large area, and many miles of open, flat roadways, the relatively mild climate, or perhaps even the tradition of Texans being independent thinkers. Whatever the reason, many Houston residents, like those throughout the state, enjoy hopping on a motorized, two-wheel vehicle and hitting the road. These individuals do need to be aware, however, that there is an inherent risk every time they go for a ride.

Distracted driving crisis fueled by ignorance of problem

Last Friday, we noted on this blog that restrictions on the use of smartphones and other handheld devices by truck drivers are enacted to help prevent accidents and save lives. Why, one might ask, are similar laws for passenger vehicles slow to follow? Part of the answer lies in the fact that meaningful data regarding smartphone use and car accidents is difficult to obtain, or simply not being collected at all.

4 tips to make your Texas holiday travels safer

As a Texas resident, you know that the weather can change in a matter of minutes, especially during the winter months. One day, Houston can experience shorts and t-shirt weather, the next there could be ice on the road. This becomes even more likely if you plan to travel for the holidays. If you are driving across the state to visit family for Thanksgiving or another holiday get-together, you might run into a whole gamut of different weather conditions, most of them bad. The last thing you want is to have a wreck or car problems while you are heading north on Highway 45 on your way out of town.

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