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How do you protect the family if your spouse dies accidentally?

It is something you never even considered, you never think about. It happens to other people but will never happen to me, you think. So, what do you do if your spouse suddenly passes away in an accident?

Amid your own grief, you have made funeral arrangements and told your family and friends. What happens now? You must go on for your children and family.

8 things you should do after your spouse dies

Did you and your spouse make sure you that you and your family were taken care of? Here are some things you can do:

  • Request several copies of your spouse’s death certificate. They will need to be certified. The funeral home or crematorium should be able to get the copies for you.
  • If your spouse had a will, you will more than likely be named as executor. This is the person in charge of dispensing the property and carrying out your spouse’s wishes. As executor, you also should obtain letters testamentary, which are proof that you have the right to handle the fiscal affairs in probate.
  • Close other accounts- close credit cards, take your spouse’s name off the ones you have together. Cancel health insurance coverage to prevent fraud.
  • Contact current and past employers- If your spouse was working when he or she passed, you may be eligible for accident insurance benefits, depending on how your spouse died.
  • Call government agencies. You may qualify for survivor benefits. If your spouse served in the military, there may be help from Veteran’s Administration.
  • File your spouse’s life insurance claims. You can call to make the claim, if you are the beneficiary.
  • Notify credit unions and banks.
  • Call the social security office if the funeral home has not: 1-800-772-1213 to report your spouse’s death.

The accidental death of a spouse is very unexpected. There are things you can do to ensure that you and your family are taken care of after your loved one is gone. You should also consider speaking with an attorney who could answer any of your questions and concerns, especially if your spouse’s death was caused by an accident that involved negligence.

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