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Against worldwide trend, United States traffic deaths increasing

Residents of Houston, Texas, who follow the news have probably heard reports about the number of traffic fatalities going up in this country over recent years. This is a reversal of the downward trend in traffic deaths that this country has enjoyed for decades, and, according to a recent report summarized by a major news media outlet, is also out of step with international trends.

While most countries surveyed actually enjoyed a drop in the number of traffic fatalities between 2010 and 2016, the United States saw a 13.5 percent increase in fatalities. The United States struggled especially with fatal pedestrian accidents and fatal bicycle accidents, which increase by over 39 percent and by about 35 percent, respectively.

Those who drafted the reported attributed this country's struggle with fatal car accidents primarily to two factors. For one, 2010 through 2016 marks a period of economic recovery after a pronounced downturn during the Great Recession. A better economy means more people tend to drive and to do so more often.

The fact the United States has a relatively high population when compared with, for example, European countries means an improved economy means a lot more people on the road and, thus, a lot more accidents.

On a more concerning note, the report also blamed this country's spike in traffic accidents on the fact that many Americans, despite warnings, engage in distracted driving behaviors like texting and driving or talking on a cell phone while driving. These risky behaviors are, based on these statistics, killing many people and are without a doubt leaving others significantly injured. These victims deserve compensation for their losses.

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