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Can a head injury really cause sudden memory loss?

Although it has often been used as the butt of a series of jokes in comedies and the centerpiece of a dramatic plot, amnesia is really no laughing matter for those Texans who suffer from it due to brain and spine injuries.

While television shows may exaggerate its effects, it is true that trauma to the head can cause a person to lose his or her memory, even memories that are basic as one's own name or occupation. To be clear, the blow to the head must be severe, like in the case of a serious car or pedestrian accident or after a fall from a significant height. Someone is very unlikely to get amnesia from a common bump on the head.

While the partial or complete loss of long-term memories may happen after a brain injury, the more common outcome is that someone with amnesia will not be able to easily store new experiences in to their long-term memories, meaning that they are very forgetful to the point where they may not even be able to function normally in life.

While amnesia is a condition that is prone to clearing itself in a short time, sometimes after only days or hours, it sadly results in a permanent disability for some victims of brain injuries. Even for those who suffer the condition temporarily, it can cause a major inconvenience.

Amnesia is just one of many complications a person can experience following a traumatic brain injury. These sorts of injuries are trying emotionally for those Houston residents who suffer them, and they can also prove quite costly. If the injury is the fault of someone who acted negligently, the victim may be able to obtain compensation for their losses.

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