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Houston area accidents sends SUV flying

A car accident in northern part of the Houston metro area sent eight people, including five minors, to area hospitals. Amazingly, all eight victims are expected to survive this accident.

The accident happened at an intersection and involved what was described as both a truck and an SUV. While police continue to investigate the accident, the initial report suggested that one of the drivers apparently entered the intersection without having a green light.

The SUV hit the other car involved in the accident with such force that it went over the car and then landed either on its side or roof. Damage to a traffic light above the accident suggested that part of the SUV may have even grazed the traffic signal before it landed.

Still, everyone was able to get out of both vehicles. The other car involved in the accident did not roll.

Although it is a relief to know that all eight victims of this accident are expected to live, this does not mean that their injuries were not serious. All of them went to the hospital for treatment, and 1 victim was seen being loaded in to an ambulance on a backboard. Moreover, some injuries from automobile accidents do not become apparent until later, well after the accident happens.

There was no report of the police issuing a citation, but it seems reasonably clear in this case that one of the drivers missed a traffic signal, and speed or trying to beat a light may have been a factor as well. If the police's investigation confirms this, that driver may be held responsible for this accident.

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