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What if the driver was using a built-in device?

This blog has discussed distracted driving and the danger it presents to Houston, Texas, motorists. Although distracted driving can include a number of different behaviors, much of the discussion about distracted driving and its dangers centers around texting and driving and cell phone use.

It is becoming more and more common for manufacturers to keep up with the demand for innovative technology by including devices within their vehicles which can navigate for a driver or even make a phone call. The temptation is for drivers to think that using these devices while driving is perfectly safe since they are, after all, part of the car.

In fact, though, many of the built in navigation systems and communication systems within a vehicle are somewhat slower than their aftermarket counterparts, at least according to one study recently circulated by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. For example, an aftermarket navigation system was able to get a driver's eyes back on the road 15 seconds faster than that of the in-car system.

Moreover, distracted driving is still distracted driving, even if the distraction comes from within the car itself. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is also deadly. According to the study, distracted driving is responsible for 390,000 car accidents annually and is also responsible for 3,500 deaths on the road each year.

As this blog has discussed, Texas law prohibits texting and driving and certain other forms of distracted driving. Moreover, all drivers have an obligation to pay attention to the road, and they can be held responsible if they do not and cause an accident as a result.

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