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What should you expect from your lawyer?

While a free initial consultation lets you ask questions and get a feel for the attorney’s style, you should also know the basic traits of a good attorney.

An attorney should represent you with undivided loyalty, keep your confidence and know and follow the law in the practice area that he or she works in. Your attorney needs to put your interests first. While an attorney should provide options, it is really your decision as to which path to take.

Four traits your lawyer should have

Your lawyer should always return your phone calls or emails. He or she might be in a court for a day or two, but generally you should hear back from the office within 48 hours during the business week.

  1. Can communicate basically what your case involves
  2. Let you know what obstacles or challenges there are
  3. Talk to you about what you can expect
  4. Give you a ballpark timeline of events

How do attorneys charge?

Your attorney should clearly communicate what fee is: is it a flat rate fee, hourly fee, or for personal injury cases, a contingency fee? If you don’t understand what a contingency fee is, ask. You can also discuss who pays for costs that arise while your injury lawsuit is in progress.

What your attorney should explain

People who don’t work in the legal field are often confused by terms and procedures. You should be able to ask your attorney what is happening and get and answer that you understand. If there are delays in your case, and there frequently are, your attorney should explain why and what you can expect. You should also be told what your case is worth. You should have a conversation about whether or not you should go to trial and the pros and cons of settling.

Your obligations to your attorney

While it’s true that attorneys work for their clients, it’s also true that attorneys can only do their best work if they have the whole story. Be honest with your attorney and communicate any new developments in your case. Supply any information, evidence, bills or reports your attorney asks for promptly and return phone calls and emails. Be professional and respectful.

If you are ever unhappy about the way things are going, talk it out with your attorney. Clear communication and a team approach are often the two most critical things needed for a successful case.

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