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What is the cost of a spinal cord injury?

Houston, Texas, residents probably figure intuitively that those who suffer from a spinal cord injury after an accident have a lot of expenses. However, the astronomical dollar value of how much such an injury actually costs over a victim's lifetime may take many off guard.

Woman clinging to life after intersection accident

A woman remains in intensive care after a severe accident in the greater Houston area that may have involved drag racing. The victim's son has told the media that the woman is expected to undergo additional surgeries and may not survive the ordeal. If she does survive, she will be dealing with brain and spine injuries or other severe injuries for the rest of her life.

Can a head injury really cause sudden memory loss?

Although it has often been used as the butt of a series of jokes in comedies and the centerpiece of a dramatic plot, amnesia is really no laughing matter for those Texans who suffer from it due to brain and spine injuries.

How we respond to the fallout from distracted driving

Over the past month, this blog has tried to raise awareness of the problem with distracted driving both in the Houston area and throughout the rest of the State of Texas. We discussed the effectiveness of texting-while-driving laws and also talked about other distractions that can lead to serious and even fatal accidents on the Texas highways.

Girl in coma after alleged drunk driving crash

A five-year-old girl from the greater Houston area is still in a coma after a car crash that law enforcement believes was related to drunken driving. She has already had one operation and is scheduled for another surgery in the near future.

Common causes of spinal cord injuries

No Houston resident wants to ever experience a spinal cord injury or see one of their loved ones fall victim to one. The result of such an injury, which is usually paralysis to some degree, almost always requires a person to undergo extensive long-term care and rehabilitation.

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