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Drive high, get a DUI - and a lawsuit

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal which, as its name implies, serves to promote traffic safety on the nation's roads, recently announced an advertising campaign aimed at curbing the ongoing problem with drugged driving. The theme of the campaign, which will run through Labor Day, is Drive high, get a DUI.

Texas Dram Shop law in play in Houston-area lawsuit

This blog has in the past discussed the fact that in Texas, a victim of a drunk driving accident, or the victim's family, may be able to receive compensation from bar, restaurant or other establishment who served alcohol to a drunk driver. A recent case involving two popular bars in the Houston area illustrates this.

Overview of the Texas Dram Shop Act

As this blog has discussed previously, Houston motorists who choose to get behind the wheel after having too much alcohol to drink engage in very risky and irresponsible behavior. In addition to criminal penalties, if these people cause an accident as a result of being intoxicated, they may also be liable to pay compensation to their victims.

Even after drunk driving charges, be prepared to fight

Most Houston residents have heard either all of their lives or at least for many decades about how dangerous it is to drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Still, people choose to do it, and when they do, the end result is often a serious or fatal car accident.

Experts suggest maximum BAC should be .05, not .08

A recent post on this blog talked about how motorists in the Houston area do not need to blow over .08 in order to be too intoxicated to drive a vehicle safely. Alcohol always affects the person who is drinking it, and the exact nature of those effects depend heavily on the person and a number of other factors.

A driver can be affected by a BAC below .08

Most Houston residents probably know that they can face criminal charges if they are caught driving while they have a blood alcohol content of over .08. Not surprisingly, if motorists who are over the legal limit cause an accident, they can also be held financially accountable to pay compensation to those whom they injured.

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