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Willie Powells doesn’t level the playing field—he commands it. $2.8 million verdict.


The power of the right attorney

When you need an attorney to protect your rights and interests – not all legal professionals are created equal. Willie Powells is not your average lawyer, but a truly brilliant individual who genuinely cares about the people he represents.

If you need an attorney, one meeting with Willie Powells is all it will take to convince you that you are in the presence of a human being who cares about his profession, achieving results, and the people he serves. He is driven to perform to protect the rights of his clients and always goes above and beyond in personal service, the relentless pursuit of justice, and an unwavering dedication. This is what makes him one of the top personal injury lawyer Houston has to offer.


Willie D. Powells PLLC

His Work

If you have suffered injury by the negligent or reckless actions of another, you need a personal injury lawyer who gets real-world results. Willie Powells takes his duty to his clients very seriously and will pursue the maximum possible in compensation. He has an impressive record of positive outcomes in negotiating settlements and jury awards. You deserve justice – and a lawyer who treats you with kindness, compassion – and exceptional legal skills. That’s Willie Powells, a leading light in the legal field in Houston.

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His Service

What level of service should you expect from your attorney? Willie Powells is one of those rare individuals who delivers what he promises – personal legal service with a deep, personal commitment to you, your case, and your family. You can expect to be in close communication throughout the duration of your case, and to be supplied with every form of help possible. Expect your case to be managed with an extraordinary level of dedication and determination to achieve justice.

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Statistics Study on causes of major accidents


Caused by the environment


Caused by the vehicles themselves


"Unkown causes"


Caused by human error

*The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study looked at the major accident causes, and they found that a mere 2% of accidents were caused by the environment, another 2% were caused by the vehicles, and 2% came from "unknown" causes.


The measurement of success is simple.

We measure our success strictly upon results we accomplish for our clients and the human caring relationship we have established. After an injury caused by another person or corporation, it is difficult, if not impossible to return to the life you had prior to the accident. While it is not possible to turn back time, a personal injury claim or lawsuit can help you achieve justice and full compensation and live the most positive future possible.



After an accident, should I just work directly with my insurance agent?

If you were involved in a minor accident and didn’t suffer any injury, you are probably safe – but if you were seriously injured, it is imperative that you seek legal help in negotiating the terms of your settlement.

How much is my case worth?

When valuing an injury case, many factors are considered, including the costs associated with medical care, the long term impact on your life and work, as well as the pain and suffering and emotional anguish – and reduced quality of life you experienced due to the accident. You must have a full, professional case evaluation to determine the value of your case – call us for a consultation.

What should I do after an injury accident?

If you were involved in a vehicle accident and were injured, you must seek medical treatment at once, and inform your doctor you were in a vehicle accident. Follow all doctor’s instructions carefully. If you were hospitalized as a result of your injuries, ensure you connect with a personal injury lawyer as early as possible after your accident. Never admit fault – while it is natural to feel guilty, the other party may be at fault. Speak to attorney Willie Powells first.

Can my case be settled out of court?

Many personal injury cases are settled, with no need for a civil lawsuit to be filed – however, you want to keep that option open. Should the insurance company fail to make a reasonable offer in a timely manner, a lawsuit can hold their feet to the fire. It is imperative that your attorney is a trial lawyer for this reason alone.



"Mr. Powells is amazing and really cares about his clients. One of the few good-hearted attorneys who fight for the people!"

"I have not met a more caring attorney EVER. He's very thorough and compassionate. A great person to have on your team."

"Man...this guy. Bar none the best ever. Let him take care of all of it. Best Lawyer in the country!!!!!"

"Willie D. Powells is the best in the city! Highly recommended, literally the best!"

"Awesome experience. Really professional. I recommend him to everyone"

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