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Houston area accidents sends SUV flying

A car accident in northern part of the Houston metro area sent eight people, including five minors, to area hospitals. Amazingly, all eight victims are expected to survive this accident.

The accident happened at an intersection and involved what was described as both a truck and an SUV. While police continue to investigate the accident, the initial report suggested that one of the drivers apparently entered the intersection without having a green light.

Against worldwide trend, United States traffic deaths increasing

Residents of Houston, Texas, who follow the news have probably heard reports about the number of traffic fatalities going up in this country over recent years. This is a reversal of the downward trend in traffic deaths that this country has enjoyed for decades, and, according to a recent report summarized by a major news media outlet, is also out of step with international trends.

While most countries surveyed actually enjoyed a drop in the number of traffic fatalities between 2010 and 2016, the United States saw a 13.5 percent increase in fatalities. The United States struggled especially with fatal pedestrian accidents and fatal bicycle accidents, which increase by over 39 percent and by about 35 percent, respectively.

Why is it important to take pictures after a car accident?

You did not even see it coming. Someone just blind-sided you and hit your car. After being in shock comes the realization that you must act. You escaped being injured, but there are things you should do after the accident.

Everyone has a cell phone. It is very common to have one. While it’s right not to use it while you drive, it’s a useful tool if you have been in a car accident. A cell phone with a camera can be vital in documenting every aspect of your accident.

Are ATVs safe?

You may enjoy the thrill of being on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Let’s admit it, riding can be lots of fun. ATVs may be fun to ride but are they safe to ride? Do the risks outweigh the benefits?


Number of motorcycle fatalities possibly down in 2017

According to an analysis of initial data from 2017, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents declined by over five percent. The initial estimate of motorcycle deaths in 2017 is 4,990. In 2016, the number was 5,286.

While certainly this is a promising improvement, the report in other respects shows that Houston-area motorcyclists are still subject to a lot risk and potential danger when they are out on the road. For example, as of 2016, motorcyclists constituted just under 15 percent of all victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents. In 1994, about 25 years ago, only about 1 in 17 victims of fatal accidents, about 6 percent, were motorcyclists.

Soft tissue injuries can also debilitate motorcyclists

This blog has discussed how easy it is for a Houston, Texas, motorcyclist to suffer a serious brain or spine injury on account of a speeding driver or distracted driver who simply does not see, or does not have time to stop for, the motorcyclist.

These injuries are indeed very serious, and they are also all too common in motorcycle accidents largely because even a well-protected motorcyclist has almost no buffer from the force of a larger vehicle. If these bikers have been hurt by a negligent driver, they deserve compensation.

We seek compensation from all sources after a drunk driving crash

A drunk driving accident that leaves a Houston, Texas, resident seriously hurt or dead is hard to understand in part because the loss seems so pointless.

Campaigns against drunk driving have been going on for decades now such that anyone who takes to the roads in this state really should know that if they choose to get behind the wheel drunk, they are putting their own lives and the lives of others in serious danger.

Widower fighting to preserve accident evidence after wife's death

The husband of a Houston area woman who died in the vicinity of Rice University after a dump truck hit her bicycle is now taking legal steps to preserve evidence from the fatal truck accident.

The man is asking for a court order preventing the trucking company which owned the truck from doing anything to evidence from the crash that might change it. The company could also be ordered to preserve the evidence it has in its possession.

How do you protect the family if your spouse dies accidentally?

It is something you never even considered, you never think about. It happens to other people but will never happen to me, you think. So, what do you do if your spouse suddenly passes away in an accident?

Amid your own grief, you have made funeral arrangements and told your family and friends. What happens now? You must go on for your children and family.

How we respond to the fallout from distracted driving

Over the past month, this blog has tried to raise awareness of the problem with distracted driving both in the Houston area and throughout the rest of the State of Texas. We discussed the effectiveness of texting-while-driving laws and also talked about other distractions that can lead to serious and even fatal accidents on the Texas highways.

Although, thankfully, many distracted driving accidents could be described as minor, others involved in these types of accidents are not so lucky. When a driver takes a few moments of his or her attention from driving to attend to something else, even only mentally, then the end result can easily be a devastating high-speed collision that almost inevitably result in injuries.

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