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The vast majority of car accidents are preventable

Some people in the Houston area might be a bit reluctant to pursue compensation after a car accident, even if they were seriously hurt and need financial help with covering the medical bills and lost wages.

Not fully understanding how the law applies to the facts and circumstances of their collision, many decent folks might assume that the reason they were hurt was just an accident and therefore part of life.

What does whiplash feel like?

Most of us have heard the term whiplash, but what does it feel like when it happens? 

The most common symptoms of whiplash are:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Tenderness and pain in the shoulders, upper back or arms
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision
  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • And others according to the Mayo Clinic

Houston area accident leaves 2 pedestrians, dog dead

An accident in Dickinson, which as many know is a suburb in the greater Houston metro area, left two people and a dog dead.

According to reports, the two who were struck and killed had stopped their vehicle somewhere on an area road. They were trying to coax a stray dog out of the road so that the dog would not get hit. Of course, a dog in the middle of the road can also present a hazard to other drivers.

Labor Day weekend dangerous on Texas roads

Hopefully, the recent long holiday weekend gave plenty of residents of Houston and other parts of Texas the opportunity to rest and relax with friends and relatives.

Sadly, if the statistics hold true for this year, there are a handful of families in this state who are now grieving the loss of a loved one to a drunk driver, as Labor Day is a time during which fatal drunk driving accidents are more common.

What is the cost of a spinal cord injury?

Houston, Texas, residents probably figure intuitively that those who suffer from a spinal cord injury after an accident have a lot of expenses. However, the astronomical dollar value of how much such an injury actually costs over a victim's lifetime may take many off guard.

These total expenses depend considerably on the severity of the victim's spinal cord injury. For example, a person who has experienced almost complete paralysis can expect to spend over $1 million for the first year after their injury. Thereafter, the victim will spend almost $185,000 each year.

Let us take on your distracted driving case

A lot of previous posts on this blog have discussed the serious dangers associated with distracted driving and have also debunked many of the excuses that distracted drivers make to justify their very risky behavior.

Most recently, we reminded our readers that texting and driving in this state is an illegal activity and can be fined and reported as a traffic offense.

What constitutes as distracted driving?

Most drivers are aware that distracted driving is dangerous. You should only be operating one device at a time – multitasking is not for the road.

The Texas legislature addressed this last year when they passed a law making texting while driving illegal. This includes reading, writing or sending text messages. In a press release praising the law, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) cites 109,658 crashes in 2016 that were a result of distracted driving, which led to 455 deaths and 3,087 injuries.

Drive high, get a DUI - and a lawsuit

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal which, as its name implies, serves to promote traffic safety on the nation's roads, recently announced an advertising campaign aimed at curbing the ongoing problem with drugged driving. The theme of the campaign, which will run through Labor Day, is Drive high, get a DUI.

The campaign comes in the face of the growing challenge police in Texas and elsewhere are having with keeping the roads safe from drugged drivers. Marijuana use has become more acceptable in recent years, to the point where it is generally legal in several states. Moreover, there is also an epidemic of prescription drug abuse rocking the country at this time.

Woman clinging to life after intersection accident

A woman remains in intensive care after a severe accident in the greater Houston area that may have involved drag racing. The victim's son has told the media that the woman is expected to undergo additional surgeries and may not survive the ordeal. If she does survive, she will be dealing with brain and spine injuries or other severe injuries for the rest of her life.

According to reports, two vehicles, one a Dodge Challenger, were apparently street racing in the northwest part of Harris County where this accident occurred. The woman was driving her vehicle across the street and through an intersection when the two racing cars came upon her. The driver of the Challenger hit the woman's car, breaking his leg in the process. The woman's SUV flipped several times after the impact and before coming to a stop.

Loved ones, not co-workers, main enticement to text and drive

Houston, Texas, residents might when they think of a distracted driver have in their mind a man in a nice business suit and driving a high-end sedan while making a bunch of calls to clients or sending a bunch of emails to his managers as he unsafely drives along. Others may have an image of a younger driver playing around on her phone or trying to talk to a friend while in heavy traffic.

Interestingly, though, a recent report, which was also discussed in a previous post based on other information it contained, also shed the light of truth on these common misconceptions.

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