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Distracted driving isn't just a problem with cell phones

As this blog has mentioned in previous posts, Texas has of late been more proactive about cracking down on motorists in this state who choose to text and drive or otherwise talk on their cell phones in a dangerous manner as they speed down the road.

This no doubt because a lot of serious car accidents happen when a Houston driver takes his or her eyes off the road to send or receive a text, even if the whole process only takes a split second. People who engage in this type of distracted driving can and should be held accountable both in traffic court and, if they injure someone, a personal injury case.

When is distracted driving most common?

Although, Houston, Texas, motorists and pedestrians are always in danger on account of distracted drivers, a recent study suggests that the time in which texting and driving is most common is around 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, right at the beginning of the evening commute.

Some attribute this to the fact that many employees are both trying to wrap up their work and head home for the day during this time, and that means there is a strong impetus to make those final phone calls or send a few emails.

April is a good month to remember victims of distracted driving

The National Safety Council has designated April as "Distracted Driving Awareness Month," and, in conjunction with this commemoration, has also launched its "Just Drive" campaign. As an organization dedicated to preventing accidental deaths and injuries, the Council is concerned that the uptick in fatal accidents across the country is related to the ongoing problem with distracted driving and is therefore promoting awareness of the problem in an effort to prevent it.

While April is an excellent time for reflection on what people can do to prevent distracted driving, it also presents an opportunity for Houston residents to remember the victims of distracted driving. As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, victims of distracted drivers often suffer serious and catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, burns and paralysis.

Are texting-while-driving laws effective?

It would be an understatement to say that mobile devices and the technology surrounding them have changed our lives. It is everywhere, and it usually makes things easier and faster. One area where mobile device use causes concern, though, is driving.

One only needs to look around while waiting at a red light to see surefire signs that other drivers can’t put their phone down when their attention needs to be at the wheel. One danger we’ve discussed previously is the increase in pedestrian accidents, which experts feel is caused by inattentive drivers. When a driver isn’t paying attention to the road, anyone and anything in a car’s path is at risk.

Distracted driving makes serious accidents far more likely

This blog has repeatedly warned about the dangers distracted driving poses to Houston motorists as well as motorists and pedestrians throughout the State of Texas.

Additional recent statistics serve only to confirm that this very dangerous and easily preventable behavior must stop, and those who continue to engage in it and cause car accidents as a result should be held financially accountable.

Injured motorcyclists may need help getting compensation

Motorcycle accidents rarely end well for the motorcyclist and anyone riding with him or her. The reason is that even if the rider is wearing the proper safety equipment, one's helmet and protective clothing are often not enough to absorb the full brunt of a collision with a much heavier car or truck.

As a result, even motorcyclists who try hard to stay safe can wind up suffering an injury to the brain or spine, both of which can leave a rider permanently disabled. Other injuries, such as broken bones or soft tissue injuries, can also require surgeries, rehabilitation, medical care and time off work before one can expect a full recovery.

Bryan widow leaves court in tears after facing family’s killer

Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats; there is a silence that hangs thick in the air. A voice, quivering and powerful breaks the tension. Kristian Guerrero speaks out from the witness stand and locks eyes with the young girl who has been charged with killing her family. “You’re a monster,” Guerrero proclaims.

Former Texas State University student, Shana Elliott, was driving under the influence and crossed over into oncoming traffic striking the family’s vehicle killing Guerrero’s husband. Perhaps the most devastating loss of this tragedy was yet to come as the couple’s unborn child passed hours later due to the trauma sustained in the crash.

Texting and driving now illegal in Texas

As this blog reported some months ago, Texas lawmakers in their last session took up the issue of distracted driving, specifically with reference to a driver's use of mobile devices while behind the wheel.

The vast majority of people agree that so-called texting and driving is dangerous, so it may have come as little surprise that the Texas Legislature ultimately passed a ban on texting while driving, meaning this state joins the vast majority of others in prohibiting drivers from using their phones to send electronic messages and conduct internet searches while driving.

Exemplary damages are available in Texas

It may seem like a drunk driver who injures a Houston, Texas, resident is getting off too easily by simply having to reimburse the victim's medical bills and cover the victim's lost wages and other, non-economic damages.

Almost everyone knows that drunk driving is extremely dangerous, such that someone who chooses to engage in this type of behavior can rightly be thought of has having little regard to the safety and well-being of those around them.

Distracted driving continues to be a factor in pedestrian accidents

A recent report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association revealed that, in 2017, the number of fatalities due to auto-pedestrian accidents was again around 6,000, showing no significant movement from 2016.

While the fact deaths did not increase may be somewhat encouraging, the stability comes only after a marked increase in the number of deaths both over the course of 2015 and 2016. To put the numbers in perspective, the number of pedestrian crashes is at about a 25-year high water mark.

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