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Discussing HOT Legal Issues Across the Country

ALL ABOUT THE LAW is an informative, innovative, engaging half-hour television and Internet streamed talk show hosted by Personal Injury Attorney, Willie Powells. The show brings a down to earth perspective on legal issues in addition to universal topics such as politics, business, pop culture, health trends, entertainment, and many others.

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Thursday at 6PM CST

Episodes & More

[Episode 1] Guests: Ashley Scott-Freedom Georgia Initiative, Judge Staci Williams- TX Supreme Court, Place 7 and Devon Castro-Stevenson-Willie Powells Law Firm Client

[Episode 2] Guests: Chris Hollins-Jim Narvios-Ashleigh Fielder

[Episode 3] Guests: Jalene Mack, Actress and Entertainment Attorney and Regina M. Gardner, MSW- RCHP Health Issues Committee Chair

[Episode 4] Guests: Hanah Gibson- Kreative Kore, LLC, Dr. Valerie Jackson- Monarch Family Services and Mindy Nguyen- Banh Somtum Restaurant

[Episode 5] Guests: Marian Tolan, Author, and Social Justice Activist, as well as Attorney Ricky Anderson, Entertainment Attorney, Author, and Educator

[Episode 6] Guests: Julie Hightower of The Daisie Foundation, Retired Judge W. Ben Sims, as well as showcasing a holiday treat.

[Episode 7] Guests: Attorney Willie Gary, legendary trial lawyer, and Retired Sergeant George Hollins, Former Houston Police Department to discuss top advice for teenagers learning to drive while black.

[Episode 8] Guests: Political Strategist, Damien Jones and Meredith “Mert” Campbell of HPD SWAT, discussing gun laws and gun protection.

[Episode 9] Guests: Todd Kelly (Carlson Law Firm) and Kenyatta Sadiki (Advantage Lifecare Solutions), I will be talking about the emotional, criminal, and civil impacts of drinking while driving. In this episode, we will talk about how small choices can make big and everlasting consequences, not only to you but to others.

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