Firework Safety During Summer Celebrations

4th Of July Fireworks

As we approach the summer months, many of us look forward to enjoying fireworks displays at various celebrations and events. While fireworks can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate, it's important to remember that they can also be dangerous if not handled properly.

1. Purchase Fireworks from Reputable Sources:

When purchasing fireworks for your summer celebrations, buy them from reputable sources. Avoid buying illegal or homemade fireworks, as these can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Instead, opt for fireworks sold by licensed vendors who adhere to safety standards.

2. Follow All Safety Instructions:

Before lighting any fireworks, carefully read and follow the manufacturer's safety instructions. This includes keeping a safe distance from the fireworks when lit, never relighting duds, and only using fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from buildings and flammable materials.

3. Have a Designated Person:

If you plan on setting off fireworks at your summer celebration, designate one person as the shooter responsible for lighting and handling the fireworks. This person should be sober and experienced in handling fireworks to ensure they are used safely.

4. Keep Water Nearby:

When setting off fireworks, it's important to have water or a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency. This can help extinguish any fires that may start accidentally and prevent them from spreading.

5. Attend Professional Displays:

If you're uncomfortable setting off your fireworks or want to enjoy a larger display, consider attending a professional fireworks show in your area. These displays are typically conducted by trained professionals who follow strict safety protocols to ensure spectators a safe and enjoyable experience.

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