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Woman dies after stolen big rig crashes into mobile home in NW Houston

Woman dies after stolen big rig crashes into mobile home in NW Houston

HOUSTON, TX — A woman in her 50s died early Tuesday after a stolen 18-wheeler crashed into a mobile home in Houston’s Granada area, according to ABC13.

The fatal collision occurred at 11500 McKinley Street.

Authorities said they had first received an alert at around 10:40 p.m. about a big rig stolen from a trucking company located about 10 miles from the crash scene. Houston police were able to track down the big rig vis GPS before the suspect driver led them on a short pursuit.

The suspect, a 39-year-old man, was able to jump out of the truck moments before it collided with the mobile home.

Four people were inside the home when it was struck by the big rig.

A woman who had initially been thought missing was later confirmed to have died.

One other victim, the woman’s husband, was found trapped underneath the 18-wheeler. He suffered severe injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital. Authorities said he is expected to survive.

Two other occupants were not injured.

The suspect driver, who was taken to a hospital for minor injuries, faces charges of murder and reckless aggravated assault.


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