Distracted Driving Accident

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According to TXDOT

Distracted driving continues to be a problem in Texas and takes many forms. In 2020, nearly one in five crashes on Texas roads were caused by a distracted driver in which 367 people died and 2,205 were seriously injured. TxDOT’s annual "Talk. Text. Crash." campaign is a crucial call to action encouraging drivers to keep their heads up and pay attention when behind the wheel.

All distractions – whether texting, eating, grooming, or having a conversation – can be dangerous. Every driver and every passenger, regardless of age, can be impacted by distracted driving.

Since Sept. 1, 2017, it has been illegal to read, write or send a text while driving in Texas. Violators can face a fine of up to $200.

What is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is any activity that takes your attention away from driving. Distractions can include anything from texting and talking on a mobile phone to eating and drinking, putting on makeup, shaving, reading, programming a navigation system, watching a video, and even adjusting the radio.

What if I need to text or call someone immediately?

Research shows that regardless of whether you use a voice-to-text program, a hands-free device, or a handheld one, the distraction will affect your driving. TxDOT offers these tips to prevent distracted driving that can lead to a ticket, or worse, a crash:

  • Always give driving your full attention
  • Pull off the road entirely and come to a complete stop before you talk or text
  • Put your phone away, turn it off, or use an app or your phone settings to block texts and calls and/or send auto-reply texts while you are driving
  • Tell friends, family, and coworkers you won’t respond to calls or texts when you are behind the wheel
  • Remember that all distractions are dangerous, so pay full attention when behind the wheel

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