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News: Driver strikes, kills teen bicyclist in Montgomery County

News: Driver strikes, kills teen bicyclist in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – A teen bicyclist is dead following a crash with a Mazda passenger car on Monday evening, reports Montgomery Police Reporter.

The accident occurred at the intersection of FM 1774 and Magnolia Blvd. The driver who struck the bicyclist called the police at 10:08 p.m. They told police they hit a bicyclist, but could not locate the body.

Upon arriving at the scene, first responders found a bicycle wedged beneath the vehicle. They found the victim’s body several feet from the roadway.

The deceased 16-year-old did not have a reflector or light on the bicycle and he was wearing dark clothing, making him difficult to see on the roadway. His body was taken to the Montgomery County Forensic Center so an autopsy could be performed.

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