Pursuing Maximum Compensation After A Distracted Driving Accident

Smartphones can be addicting. Research has shown that the average smartphone owner checks his or her phone every 15 seconds. That doesn't mean it is excusable to text and drive, talk and drive, or otherwise not pay attention to the road.

While texting and driving is the newest danger on the roads, it is by no means the only form of distracted driving. Eating, changing music, using GPS systems and talking with passengers are all significant causes of accidents throughout Houston.

Skilled Representation For The Injured

At the Law Offices of Willie D. Powells III and Associates, PLLC, our skilled and experienced legal team is devoted to helping clients in the aftermath of a distracted driving accident. We are a marquee Houston personal injury law firm that has recovered significant verdicts and settlements throughout the Houston metro area and beyond.

Attorney Willie D. Powells III fights aggressively on behalf of clients when seeking compensation for clients. We will not let insurance companies bully you into taking less of a settlement than you deserve. We will investigate your case, answer your questions and stand up to insurance companies on your behalf. We will examine the police report to determine if the other driver was using his or her phone prior to the accident.

Simply put — we fight for you.

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